We love travel & nature

We are both born in this region and now we combine business with pleasure here. We enjoy being hosts and offering experiences in the most beautiful village and the right place from Dobrogea, Jurilovca.

After many years of national and international working experiences, having also volunteering projects around the world, we decided to take our own road. This is how we became guests and travelers around the world, hosts and guides in Jurilovca, Dobrogea, Romania. We consider that tourism industry can develop people and communities.

In 2015 we became Cuplu Călător (Traveling Couple) and 4 months we hitchhiked and we stayed with locals in Romania, understanding more about our country culture and nature, promoting it to others. We continued our journey to Asia and after 1 year we came back to Romania to grow tourism after we have learned about global, rural and quality tourism in other countries.

We started with Pensiunea Milica (Milica Guesthouse), working to build also a new guesthouse according to our ideas. We consider we are also responsible for our guests holiday and we strive to offer many great experiences, accommodation, food, stories, trips, activities and a great vibe. We say that we should help guests to relax, but also to be part of their learning.

Jurilovca is a beautiful village and a great community located in the heart of Dobrogea region, offering many diverse experiences. The location is perfect, offering trips to Gura Portiței Beach and Danube Delta, many historical fortresses, monasteries, traditional houses and many other beautiful places. We wish travelers to come to our place and from here to discover the entire region.

Looking forward to meet you in Jurilovca